About Us

Morning Star Home Accents came about as a result of our previous business ventures. We originally had a successful retail business in South Florida for 23 years, which we sold upon moving to North Georgia.  It was there in North Georgia we started a business called Mountain Stoves & Rugs selling wood burning stoves, fireplaces & accessories, quilts, rugs, home décor, etc.  During this time we learned what products were of good value as well as good additions for the home.
We then moved to Upstate New York to be closer to Barbara’s elderly parents. Barbara’s mother had once been a highly successful antique show promoter in the northeast and her father had been doing various art festivals displaying his photography.  Taking her cue from them, she began going to many different art/gift shows and festivals as well as mall and fair venues.  From this small beginning we have developed quite a following and see many of the same faces from show to show as they follow us to these various events.  Please contact us if you want to be on show schedule emails to see where we will be next!

“Golden Rule” Service

It has been through 30+ years of business experience that we have found the best way to treat our customers/friends is through the “Golden Rule” which basically says to, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”.  We make every attempt to deal with everyone in the same way we would want to be dealt with.  This has been our policy and will continue to be so.  If you ever have any problems with us or our product please contact us through the various means afforded to you.  You can write, phone, email or contact us through the means available.  Visit our contact page. Like us on Facebook. Tell others about your experience with us and/or our products.  The only way we can improve is through your input.  Thank you, again for your support!


The products we sell, we use.  Many companies sell things that they themselves do not use.  We actually use the items we sell and that is why we offer these particular products.  Can you find cheaper or more expensive, similar products?  Most likely, yes!  What we offer is a product that will give you a good product at a fair price.  We stand by these products and believe you will be pleased with what you receive.


While we understand the present economy is tough on everyone, our answer has always been that our prices are fair to you and to us. That being said, we may not be the cheapest game in town but we are definitely not the most expensive!  We are honestly searching for the best prices for us and you!  When we find a sale on items, we purchase and pass that savings on to you. We enjoy seeing satisfied customers.

We hope to see/hear from you soon.

To all of our faithful customers we say, “Thank you”! To the new ones we will soon meet, “Welcome to the “family””!


Barry & Barbara Rouse

PS.  Yes, those are all of our children.  We have been blessed!

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