Morning Star Home Accents Collections

Our “COLLECTIONS” features all similar products right in one place.

Burgundy Stars 65-344BS Oval 20x30


Our “STARS” collection features:  Barn Stars, Black Stars, Blue Stars, Burgundy Stars, Primitive Stars Black and Primitive Stars Burgundy.

Lodge Animals 65-583LA 20x30 Oval


Our “WILDERNESS/LODGE” Collection lets you to bring your own wildlife adventures right indoors to your own home.  Wildlife “critters” and scenes including: Bear, Moose, Pinecone, Loons & Timbers.

Native Horses 65-019NH 20x30 Oval


Our “SOUTHWEST” collection will accent the “western” part of your home that accentuates that specific part of the United States from gecko to saquaro, Kokopelli to Native.

printal oval rug beach motif


Our “SEASONS” collections allow you to enjoy whatever season you desire right in your own home. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, “all you got to do is call” to get yours!

Sunflower Water Can 65-568SWC 20 x 30 Oval


Our “FLOWERS” collections feature a variety of flowers from around the country and for various seasons of the year.  From rugs to placemats, trivets to coasters to “freshen” the look of your home!

Nautical Breeze 65-458NB Oval 20x30


Our “NAUTICAL” collection will keep you from being “landlocked”.  You’ll feel like your right on the water.  The only thing you may miss is the cool water’s spray on your cheek!

Original Flag 48-1032 Oval Placemat 13x19


Our “AMERICANA” collection lets you proudly proclaim your patriotism year round.

printal oval rug beach motif


Our “BIRDS & BEES” collection lets you get “back to nature” featuring these beautiful and unique creatures.

Santa 65-025S Oval 20x30


Our “CHRISTMAS” collection will help youe celebrate and decorate for this “most wonderful time of the year”!

Barn Scene 65-015BS Oval 20x30


Our “FARMHOUSE” collection will make you feel right back home on the farm.

Black Cat Pumpkin 65-222BCP Oval 20x30


Our “HALLOWEEN” collection will help you celebrate your festivities.

Irish Shamrock 65-116IS 20 x 30 Oval


Our “IRISH” collection will keep the “luck of the Irish” displayed in your home at all times!

Cat Grasshopper 65-100CG Oval 20x30


Our “PETS” collection for that special family member that holds their own place in your home.  Featuring: Cats, Dogs, Fish.